Decorator? I think not...

June 22, 2018

I’ve always bristled at the term “decorator,” as it always felt like it wasn't in true harmony with how I like to style my own home and help clients. And so I began this year trying to find other words that work…


 Sometimes it takes getting hit over the head a few times before it becomes clear, but this year, I found myself being drawn to articles about living an authentic life. 


And so my “ah ha” moment came at the point I realized that what I was seeking to describe is a home environment that is crafted to be the embodiment of living an authentic life.  And so, “Authentic Home Styling"  became my descriptor…

It's strategically filling your home with treasures that reflect your personality and stories.  It embraces the beauty and rhythm of real life.  It is curated over time, not by outside experts who dictate trends, but by experiences throughout life. 


Does this concept of Authentic Home Styling resonate with you?  Here are some ways to bring it to life:


Take Your Time

Unless (like my dear friend) you have lost everything in a natural disaster and you have NOTHING to place within your walls, avoid the massive purchase of rooms full of furniture and decor just because it looked good in a showroom.  Instead, select initial primary pieces you are crazy about, and add pieces that suit your style and support your lifestyle as time goes by.



 Incorporate personal photos

I’m not talking about cluttered shelves with small stand-alone family photos, but those specifically selected that are meaningful to you.  Have a stunning photo from a place you traveled?  How about a vintage family ancestor print?  It’s very easy now to create large photos through digital services that truly make a statement.


Use heirloom furniture and/or decor

 Don’t avoid that piece from “Aunt Mary” simply because its style and color is a bit outdated.  The internet is teaming with inspirational and creative approaches to reusing furniture for different purposes or refreshing it with current colors and treatments. I am always intrigued when a piece of furniture has a story, and even more so when the story involves memories from my client’s family.


Look for more exploration of authentic home styling in future Jean Kidd ReDesign blogs, but in the meantime, let’s start a conversation.  How does YOUR home convey authenticity?

Keepin’ it real,


Jean Kidd ReDesign

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Decorator? I think not...

June 22, 2018

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