Little Mementos - Clutter or Feature?

June 23, 2018

When I operated my professional organizing business, I often encountered clients who were challenged with small mementos or keepsakes that were cluttering up their surfaces or hidden inside drawers that were desperately needed for more useful storage. Have you encountered the same problem?


Problem Solved - Create a shutter board!

Combine all into a feature that creates a bigger presence in a room.  OK...we all know about bulletin boards, but some items just do not lend themselves to this type of display. (Like rocks and small statues like I have on mine!).  And using a shutter creates a bigger visual presence, especially if it's door-sized.


You don't need to spend a lot of time "organizing" the elements here - I "shudder" (pun intended) to think how tedious that would be.  Just add small things that remind you of travel, loved ones, or photos or snips of paper significant to different times in your life.


I've placed one in my office, and it serves to bring warm memories when I need a little distraction from the phone or computer.


How to create a shutter board:

Obtain an old shutter.  (They're everywhere from curb-site to the Restore or Craig's List.)


You can paint it , or leave it "au naturel." (Warning - painting a shutter is very time-consuming and tedious and you'll probably regret that decision since it'll be covered in stuff anyway).


Find a pretty little box to keep nearby to store your hangers (preferably one that has meaning to you). 


Buy some teeny tiny colored clothespins at the craft store, and gather ornament hangers (and maybe a few paper/small binder clips).


Then just start "hangin'!


Keepin' it real,


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