Redesigning with Challenging Art

July 3, 2018

An art piece was given to “Colleen” (one of my favorite authentic home styling clients) by someone who recognized her love of eclectic décor.  The giver described a story in which his adult daughter came home late one night the day he acquired it and encountered it in the middle of the living room when she turned on the light.  The neighbors said they heard a piercing scream. What is “it,” you say?


Can you say LARGE African fertility sculpture?

Too large to fit in Colleen’s previous home, the sculpture (otherwise knows as “SHE”) was originally placed outside in a protected stairwell and served as quite the sentinel. SHE is shown here relegated to the corner during move-in to the new place.  (In looking back on this picture, I thought about the British nanny TV show and being sent to the “naughty corner.”)  


My client’s new place was not large, and there was no suitable outdoor area. Keeping the piece in the living room was not an option, as it would have definitely dominated the space (not to mention scaring the people passing by this window!).















Lucky for us, there was a sunroom off the living room that could potentially work.  The picture below shows where SHE migrated.We joked about never needing a security system for this bank of windows!






Colleen is a lover of plants.  And the potential for this room that receives direct sun for part of the day was too inviting to pass up. So I moved some pieces she already had and created this garden room.  


















My vision for this room was one that would be warm and inviting during the day with lots of plants, and somewhat dramatic at night.



Where is the sculpture, you ask?


On the opposite wall, dramatically highlighted at night with a spotlight. After the picture below was taken, I "tweaked" it a bit, moving the smaller center plant to look as though SHE was emerging from the bush.  (OK...I might have gotten carried away thematically...)

The end result is an interesting room is one that features and envelopes the sculpture, but doesn’t  allow it to dominate.


Do you have a large piece that creates challenges in how to incorporate it into your home? Call me! Together we can find a solution.


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