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July 31, 2018

I’m channeling the 70’s Mamas and the Papas here and getting stuck on a song with a completely different meaning when it was written, but relevant to this topic in the context of your home environment.  (…It’s OK to stop reading now and just sing the first verse if, like me, you knew it when it was hitting the pop charts…And if not, YouTube it…)


One of the elements of “Authentic  Home Styling” is transforming rooms that previously served another purpose into spaces that support your current lifestyle.  I see this need most often in people who have moved into a different phase of life but whose homes are still stuck in the way they previously lived.


Many rooms can be transformed with simple changes that involve cosmetic upgrades, different or repurposed furniture, accessories, lighting, storage, room arrangements, and occasionally upgraded electrical and climate control services.


Here are some steps to take if you want to customize spaces in your home:


Focus and decide – Ask yourself “What do I really want to do on a regular basis that I currently don’t have space in which to do it?”  Another way to think about it:  Is there something I like to do but am frustrated because I don’t have room to support this activity? Be truthful with yourself. 



Assess your current space:

Does this area/room currently reflect how I currently live or want to live in the future?


What would I need to make this space support how I want to use it? 



Do I have room for those things that are needed?


What would I need to edit out of this space to transform it?


What would happen to those things that are edited out? (OK….this is an important one.  Just moving stuff to a different place in your home doesn’t count unless there is a clear USE for it in the new space.)


Did this space previously belong to someone else in the family and is it OK with him/her to transform it? (You may think you own the rooms in your house, but your recent college-bound offspring may think differently…)


Would this be a space for lone activity, or do I need to allow for others in the space?


What’s my timeframe for completing the end result?


Do I have the resources (budget, time/energy) to make this happen?


If this is not my “forever home,” can the changes I make be easily removed when it comes time to sell the house?



Do I need help? OK…here’s the part of the song that’s the answer to “With whomever you want to do it with”…


I can help you create the perfect space by lending an objective eye to the transformation potential in your home. And…as a former professional organizer AND meeting planner, I can help you develop a plan for making it a reality. And if clutter is a problem, I have great resources for helping with that, too.


Call me…Just click on the "vintage" phone icon on the top of the page.  (You can stop singing now…)










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