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One-Day Room ReDesign

Two visits in your home = amazing results!


What's "Redesign?"  Interior redesign is a unique and affordable alternative to conventional interior decorating.

Think of it as a quick restyling your home with things you already own and treasure.  It's inherently "green," incorporating repurposing, reusing, relocating, refreshing, restyling, reclaiming, repositioning...But mostly, renewing your love for your room!


Here's how it works:  The  Room ReDesign Experience


Description of consultation to prepare for redesign


A room redesign always begins with an onsite consultation of up to two hours.


We'll ask you questions to learn about your lifestyle, style preferences, and desires for the targeted space.  This is a time to share your frustrations or dilemmas related to the room.


We'll take measurements and private pictures to prepare for the redesign and talk over the process with you.  Lastly, we'll schedule a convenient time with you (half or full day depending upon the scope of the room) for the magic to happen!

Visit 2 - jean Kidd ReDesign transforms a room!



Next, we’ll arrive on the scheduled redesign day and we'll get to work.  We want this to be a peeking during the transformation process! Rest assured that established concepts of good interior design will always guide our decisions, while assuring that the finished product is unique to you.

We’ll likely be carefully rearranging your furniture, accessories, art and décor. With your permission, we’ll “shop” other areas of your home/storage to select items that are perfect for your newly redesigned room.


The best part awaits you! -- We'll welcome you back into the room to reveal your completed redesign!

If needed, we’ll include recommendations for other items (that you can choose to purchase later) or updates that would add to the look, feel, or function of the room. 


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