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Furniture Redesign

Why Paint Furniture?

Upcyling is a responsible and elegant solution to the problem of increased disposable products crowding our landfills

Painted furniture is an extremely popular decorating style  

Transform a cherished piece to fit your current décor or preferences

​Incorporate a “feature piece” into your home and wait for the “WOW!” responses from visitors

What can I transform

for you?

Let’s explore color and style on a piece you’d like to make uniquely yours.


Your piece or my current inventory available for customization?

What I won’t paint

  • Authentic antiques whose value would be diminished by disturbing the original finish

  • Pieces that are inherently cherished for their history (such as my grandmother’s primitive Louisiana cypress kitchen table with over 150 years of chippy paint)

  • Pieces in which the patina and finish are just too beautiful to cover up


What’s fair game with paint brush in hand:

  • Any piece that has a damaged finish or has lost its luster

  • Vintage pieces whose color is outdated with current decorating schemes or client preferences

  • Those that have features that I know would be stunning or attention-getting with specific paint techniques and colors

My work:

A piece transformed by Jean Kidd ReDesign Studio will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared.  Premium furniture paints and topcoats are applied in multiple steps to assure durability and long-lasting beauty. When appropriate, I love to incorporate fabric, layered textures or specialty papers in the total design.

Who Do I Engage?

I seek to create one-of-a-kind pieces by collaborating with home owners, designers, and stagers. 

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