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Color Help

Picking the right colors for your home can be a maddening (so many options!) and costly (wrong color/sheen = repaint) experience.  I help you avoid these problems by working with you to create the right color palette. 

As a certified color expert who follows a proven 6-step color-read process, I start with exploring your preferences, assessing your current furnishings and finishes, and then putting it all together.

Jean Kidd, Austin's only Certified Color Expert
Jean Kidd, Tips to avoid paint mistakes

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How Does a
Consultation Work?

After a pre-interview on the phone, I come armed with large color samples and I leave the final paint choices with you so that you can see your color choices in your home's setting and at different times of the day/night.

​At the end of our time together in your home, you'll have a thorough plan for each paint color to use for your selected target areas.  As a bonus, you'll also have a set of design ideas you can do yourself that will enhance the space and palette we decide upon.

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